Duromine is available in capsules of different dosage. The minimum dose of Duromine is 15 mg, maximum – 40 mg. There are also Duromine capsules with a mass of 30 mg. This is done to the man himself could pick such dose of Duromine, which will be the best for him.

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What is Duromine?

Like many other new successful inventions of Pharmacology, Duromine (but more exactly, Phentermine – is the substance, which underlies this drug), was discovered quite by accident. Doctors noticed that one group of drugs for treating depression and neurosis has a side effect in the form of a substantial reduction in appetite.

Pharmacists have begun researches in this area, and very soon were offered the drug, in which this side effect was significantly strengthened, whereas the effect on the psyche was reduced to a minimum. So on the shelves of pharmacies are appeared the remedy Duromine.

Duromine acts in the hypothalamus – is a special area of the brain, which is responsible for the production of certain hormones and other biological substances. It causes several effects here.


The first effect and probably the most important one – is the exemption of norepinephrine. In the normal state the increasing of this substance in the blood and in the brain occurs during stress. Norepinephrine, like epinephrine, helps mobilization of force of organism, fat splitting and ensuring a sufficiently high amount of nutrients in the blood. Appetite vice versa, is blocked, since the work of digestive system under stress is not topical.

Under the action of Duromine, noradrenalin becomes larger, but not enough to cause a real reaction, a similar reaction on stress. In small quantities it affects only the appetite, reducing it. In addition to the action on the production of norepinephrine, Duromine also promotes to increasing a substance in the brain, which is called serotonin, more known popularly as the “hormone of happiness.” Serotonin has a calming effect and helps to reduce appetite.

Thus, is obtained that Duromine acts on appetite simultaneously on both sides, so that its effect simply cannot go unnoticed. When a person takes Duromine regularly, every day, his appetite is reduced greatly.

The result there is no need something to chew and snacking all the time, a man can eat very small portions of food per day. In this case, food can be quite without calories, this does not cause any discomfort, both physically and psychologically.

Of course, in order to lose weight, taking Duromine, it is necessary not only to take these pills regularly, but also to follow the diet. If you leave the portions without change, in spite of poor appetite, no effect will be, but if indeed eat less and generally useful without calories food, effect in the form of reduced body weight is not long to wait.

Duromine is only part of a complete program of treatment that may also include diet, exercise, and weight control. Follow your diet medication and exercise routines very closely and your figure will become slim very quickly.

It is better to start the reception of Duromine with a minimum dose of 15mg. If, within a few days appetite will not become lower or lowering will be not enough, the dose of Duromine should be doubled.

If and this dose will be not enough, you can go to the reception 40mg of Duromine per day. Taking more of this medication will not make it more effective and can cause life-threatening side effects. If a minimal dose of Duromine is enough for you for full effect, then it is not necessary to increase it.

Duromine is taken only 1 time per day in the morning for 30 minutes before eating. One capsule will be enough to famine has not arisen during the day. Reception of Duromine at night is undesirable, since in this case may be insomnia. In addition, toward morning, the action of the drug will weaken, and the appetite will not be reduced sufficiently.


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Drinking alcohol can increase certain side effects of this medicine that is why you should refrain from taking alcoholic beverages during the treatment. Do not stop taking Duromine suddenly, or you can have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Cancellation of the drug will be exactly painless for the organism, if in a few days you will first reduce the dose to the minimum, and then some more time to use Duromine in through day. If you will thoroughly follow all the recommendations on the admission of Duromine, its effect will manifest very quickly, and side effects will not occur.

Everyone who suffers from obesity, as well as problems associated with it. Elevated level of cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis, elevated blood sugar level – all this really can be corrected using Duromine and appropriate diet, which with the help of this drug is supported without any problems.

Researches of experts in the field of atherosclerosis have shown that if this disease cannot be cured completely, then this ailment can be greatly facilitated with the help of diet low in “bad” animal fats. Already after 2 weeks of dieting (on condition, of course, that the diet is followed perfectly) cholesterol and other harmful blood fats are significantly reduced. Hence, together with this is reduced the risk of angina, myocardial infarction; brain and other organs do not suffer from lack of oxygen and nutrients.

The diet has beneficial effects on the condition of patients with diabetes by lowering blood sugar level. This means that the disease will progress more slowly and will not cause severe complications. Many may be scared that is necessary to take Duromine for a long time. No reason to worry. Habituation practically does not occur even with prolonged use of the drug and the side effects appear very rare. If they emerge, do not cause much harm. Reception of Duromine will be really safe, if just to observe all the rules of admission and do not exceed the maximum daily dosage of 40mg.

These are quite a lot of diseases. The greatest danger, of course, represents atherosclerosis and related with it diseases: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and insult. Atherosclerosis is associated with an increase of an amount of harmful fats (especially cholesterol) in blood.

They are deposited on vessel walls, narrowing their lumen, because of this to the organs, which live with the help of these vessels, does not enter enough quantity of blood and nutrients. Atherosclerosis can affect any blood vessels, but most often, there is the risk of arterial disease of the heart and brain.

In parallel with atherosclerosis often is developed hypertension, which further increases the risk of development of cardiovascular illness. The third sickness is considered as a kind of scourge of obese people – is diabetes. In addition, severely suffer the spine, veins and leg joints, since the burden on them due to the large mass is increased.

In short, there is nothing good in the excess weight, of course, if it is really excess weight. Unfortunately, this occurs quite often. Today, when there are a lot of various semi-finished products, network of fast food and much more, very few people actually eat properly, preferring to save time on cooking healthy food.

And the rhythm of life does not always allow cooking something that is useful for the organism. It is no wonder that obesity does not force itself to wait long.

It is possible to cope with obesity and associated with it atherosclerosis. First of all is needed radically to revise the diet and, of course, its composition. This is not about strict diet for several days, which allows losing a few pounds in a short period of time.

Such diet only hurts the organism, and gone pounds come back very quickly. In order really to bring your body into shape, you need to follow the diet quite a long time. Unfortunately, not all people have enough willpower to withstand this.

Of course, modern pharmacology does not leave the attempts to solve the problem of excess weight. There are already several medicaments, which allow one way or another to decrease the sufferings of people, who trying to diet. Such drugs include medication, which name is Duromine.


Original Duromine is known as one of the best anti-obesity drugs worldwide. And it is available online.

Duromine Is Rated #1 Diet Pill World-Wide By Physicians

Obesity in Australia Statistics

  • Overweight Adults BMI >24 <30
  • Healty Adults BMI >18 <25
  • Obese Adults BMI >29 <40
  • Morbidly Obese Adults BMI >39

Duromine pills are available in retail sale without a prescription only on international online pharmacies. To buy these diet pills at Australian licensed pharmacy, you will definitely need to have a prescription.

Pharmaceutical distributors can buy Duromine without a prescription at wholesale price directly from the manufacturer or from regional suppliers of this drug.

In different years and in different countries, the following companies were indicated as manufacturers / suppliers of Duromine:

  • 3M Pharma
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Douglas Manufacturing
  • iNova Pharmaceuticals
  • Lia Para Graceway Pharmaceuticals
  • Metro Drug Inc.
  • Rhodia ChiRex
  • Siegfried USA
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Zuellig Pharma Sdn Bhd

Each of the listed above companies is a subsidiary or partner of Valeant Pharmaceuticals. In 2016, the exclusive rights to brand Duromine* belong to Valeant.

* Brand Duromine was first registered in 1960 by Riker Laboratories company. For more than half a century, brand Duromine has become popular in dozens of countries around the world, including: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Costa Rica, Malaysia, the UK, El Salvador, Thailand, Philippines.

Before buying Duromine pills online in Australia, familiarize yourself with information about their delivery conditions. At Australian licensed pharmacies, you can buy packages containing 3, 7, or 30 Duromine pills.

In Australia, Duromine pills are available only in blister packs. In New Zealand, Duromine pills are available in blister packs and plastic bottles.

  • Shelf life of Duromine pills packed in blisters – 3 years.
  • Shelf life of Duromine pills packed in bottles – 5 years.

It should be noted that Duromine and other Phentermine-containing drugs that are imported into Australia illegally might be confiscated by customs officers.

Before buying Duromine online, make sure that online pharmacy is an authorized pharmaceutical distributor, which has a license to supply controlled medications in Australia.