Duromine 15 mg

When and If Recommended

Duromine is a Phentermine-based medication widely used for treatment of excess weight accompanied by at least one comorbidity (hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.). Its primary market areas are Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Additionally, it is available for any person from any place through reputable online pharmacy services. The latter are fully capable of not only offering a lot but offering far more than any local pharmacy. So, if your prescription for Duromine says ”15 mg”, you know that the options of getting that are abundant.

When Duromine 15 mg Is Prescribed

The lower the therapeutic dose of the certain drug is, the better. The same is true for Duromine, of course. If it can produce its remarkable weight loss effect at its lowest dose, no better option can be desired. Basically, there are four cases when Duromine 15 mg can be recommended:

  • Excess weight problem is moderate in terms of severity, and 15 mg dose works pretty well;
  • A patient is doing well at two other aspects of the weight loss program: diet and training;
  • The risk of suffering from adverse reactions heavily outweighs an expected positive effect;
  • The patient is not able to tolerate a higher dose and the drug still remains the only option.

Likewise, 15 mg can be the only reasonable option when a patient has to divide the entire therapeutic dose of 30 mg into two intakes. The drug was formulated as an ion-exchange resin complex, which means that the capsule reveals its properties gradually, within 10-14 hours. And duration of appetite suppressing and fat burning properties of Duromine on average takes around 25 hours. This in its turn means that if a prescribed 30 mg dose has to be divided into two intakes, 15 mg capsules should be taken instead of opening the 30 mg capsule that is not allowed to open.

If Duromine 15 mg Is Recommended

If Duromine 15 mg has been recommended, your doctor finds this option therapeutically relevant and beneficial. For your part, you should strictly follow the prescription given.

If not indicated otherwise, a single dose of Duromine 15 mg is usually taken once a day in the morning. If a therapeutic dose prescribed is 30 mg divided into two intakes (15 mg each), stick to the regular intervals recommended: never break the schedule not to experience any adverse effects. And remember, the drug can work at its full capacity provided you take a responsible attitude to the overall treatment.