Problem of overweight bothers more and more people, since each person regardless of gender and age wants to look slim and fit. If all your attempts fail neither diet, nor sport, nor fat burning pills, do not despair. Solution of your problem – is Lorcaserin.

What is Lorcaserin?

It was found that increased appetite promotes regular overeating. As a result of this, the body accumulates extra calories that subsequently are converted into body fat. Lorcaserin – is a drug that will help you to quickly control increased appetite and reduce hunger.

Principle of Lorcaserin action is to activate the brain serotonin receptors that promotes rapid saturation even in small amount of food consumed.

Lorcaserin effectively blocks the feeling of hunger and helps to lose at the average about 5% of body weight. You can suppose that weight loss result is low, but the FDA experts noted that unlike other drugs to combat excess weight, Lorcaserin application does not cause serious side effects.

  • Moreover, unlike other appetite suppressants, Lorcaserin can be used throughout life, of course, providing that a patient responds to and tolerates Lorcaserin

You may ask, “Is there anything in common between Lorcaserin and other drugs for weight loss?” Yes, it is. Lorcaserin should be used in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet. This drug is an additional measure in complex treatment of overweight.

Are you a candidate?

You may be a candidate for taking Lorcaserin if you are already 18 years old, if you are not pregnant or do not plan pregnancy in the near future, and if:

your body mass index (BMI) is equal to 27kg / m2 or higher and you have at least one of the diseases associated with obesity (type 2 diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia)
your BMI is of 30 kg / m2 or higher

As Lorcaserin developers claim, besides the fact that the drug promotes weight loss, it helps to lower cholesterol level in the blood and regulate high blood pressure

What side effects can cause Lorcaserin?

All medication for obesity treatment may cause side effects. It would be unfair to keep silent that Lorcaserin is not an exception.

Memory lapses, depression, and migraine were noted among common side effects of Lorcaserin. Other side effects include dizziness, fatigue and constipation.

However, this does not mean that you have to experience all of the above-mentioned adverse reactions. Some patients do not experience any side effects.

In most cases, development of side effects depends on individual characteristics of the body and taken drugs in parallel with Lorcaserin. Meantime, clinical studies involving more than 7,100 people have showed high efficacy and good tolerance of Lorcaserin in 90% of cases.


It should be noted that during these studies it has not been established whether it is safe to use Lorcaserin together with other weight loss prescription drugs, such as Adipex or Contrave. It is also not known how Lorcaserin affects cardiovascular morbidity.

If you fail to reduce your weight at least by 5% within 3 months of using Lorcaserin tablets or you continuously experience discomfort, in this case stop using the drug.

It is real to lose weight with Lorcaserin. Thousands of obese Americans have already managed to reduce their weight using Lorcaserin. Consequently, Lorcaserin will help you too. Just two Lorcaserin tablets per day will make your body to forget about food and to lose weight.