Duromine vs. Phen375

Comparison of Weight Loss Medications

Considering the two effective weight loss drugs, it is necessary to mention that Duromine has much greater experience on the pharmaceutical market, while Phen375 is a comparatively new treatment that has literally substituted Duromine. Containing Phentermine as an active ingredient, Duromine produces a drastic effect on the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. This medication was on the peak of its demand just a few years ago, until it was withdrawn because of a great number of serious side effects it caused. Nowadays, Duromine is available only in Australia. However, there are multiple reliable online pharmacies offering the medication online with international shipping.

Phen375 has replaced Duromine producing a very similar effect but with fewer adverse reactions. Its components have a much milder impact on the general health condition and vital body processes. Even though Phen375 is approved and effective, there are many customers who will definitely prefer Duromine. Will you ask why? Because of its specifically fast and durable effect.

Similarities of Duromine and Phen375

Despite Phen375 is considered to be a successful Duromine alternative, it’s difficult to find much in common between these two medications. First and foremost, both drugs are proven to suppress appetite and burn fat. Besides, the excellent effect of the weight loss treatment with any of these drugs can be achieved only after the full course of medication combined with regular workouts and a balanced diet.

Another common peculiarity of Duromine and Phen375 is doctor’s recommendation. Irrespective of the fact that Phen375 is a non-prescription medication, one should see a healthcare provider to ensure a high safety level of the drug with your overall health condition. Inform the specialist about current health complications and problems you have and medications you are taking. It will reduce the risks of side effects appearance due to the drug interaction and different contraindications. Take neither Duromine nor Phen375 if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the components of the medications can affect the health condition of an unborn or nursing child. Never pass the drugs to other people without doctor’s supervision.

Differences between Duromine and Phen375

The initial difference between these two weight loss medications is in their active components. All the other differences are basically caused by diverse ingredients responsible for the action. The most crucial and significant are the following:

  • Effectiveness. Phen375 is appreciated for its powerful appetite suppression and anti-depression effects, while Duromine improves appetite suppression, energy stimulation, metabolism and fat burning. It is impossible to choose the best medication, as the necessary actions may vary depending on the health condition and severity of obesity.
  • Prescription. Phen35 belongs to a group of non-addictive, non-toxic medications that are natural, thus, fully safe. Contrary to this treatment, Duromine is prescribed mainly to heavily overweight people with the body mass index over 30. Besides, the medication is habit-forming, so it is prescribed for a short-term usage.
  • Side effects. Containing natural components, Phen375 doesn’t cause any side effects, except of mild headaches in rare cases. Producing a strong effect on the central nervous system, Duromine may lead to depression, impotence, problems sleeping, etc.