Duromine vs. Phentermine

Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Weight Loss Drug

Comparing Duromine and Phentermine, it is vital to mention that Duromine contains Phentermine as an active component. Nevertheless, these medications have not only similar features, but also a range of differences.

Trying to select the optimal weight loss medication suiting your case, it is indispensable to consult a healthcare provider. As both drugs may cause severe side effects if misused or overused, precautionary measures are of great importance.

Thus, before the beginning of Duromine or Phentermine treatment course, inform your doctor about all the health complications you have and all the drugs you have been taking within the last two weeks. It will guarantee the chosen weight loss drug is safe and will not lead to any adverse reactions.

Similarities of Duromine and Phentermine

These weight loss medications are, literally, identical, as they share the same active ingredient. Duromine is a prescription weight loss supplement that is recommended for patients with severe cases of obesity (with the body mass index over 30).

The main impact of the drug is produced on the central nervous system, including the brain and veins. Influencing the operation of these organs, the medication causes a drastic appetite suppressing effect. The patient feels sated for a much longer period of time and after much smaller meals.

Stimulating the energy production, Duromine helps the organism stay fresh and cheerful all day long, gradually consuming this energy and resulting in a boosted fat burning process. Additionally, approved weight loss aid contributes to the work of the gastrointestinal tract that is responsible for metabolism. Speeding up this feature, Duromine guarantees restricted lipid digestion, thus, significant weight loss.

Phentermine is another powerful obesity treatment that is also recommended for overweight people striving to improve the condition. This medication produces approximately the same effect, though a bit milder. Probably, it serves the reason of Phentermine popularity among people with the excess weight and related health conditions, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 1 or 2 diabetes, heart disorders, hypertension, etc.

Additionally, Duromine, as well as Phentermine, cannot guarantee a quick and definite effect if taken alone. On the other hand, the combination of a medication treatment course with regular exercising, balanced, low-calorie diet and behavior changes will surely strike you with an unexpectedly fast and impressive result.

In general, comparing a great number of similarities and slight differences in Duromine and Phentermine effect and usage, it is possible to claim that both drugs are effective in the weight loss process, with Duromine producing a bit more durable and fast results.

Differences between Duromine and Phentermine

The first noticeable difference between these two potent medications lies in their usage. Duromine is prescribed for overweight patients with the body mass index over 30, while Phentermine is recommended for people with BMI starting from 27. It is great evidence of better Duromine effectiveness and milder impact of Phentermine.

Besides, another difference between Duromine and Phentermine is in their precautions and contraindications. Both medications are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children of 12-18 years old and the elderly.