Duromine vs. Thinz

More Similar or More Different?

Both Duromine and Thinz are well-known weight loss medications used for years: Duromine in Australia and New Zealand and Thinz in South Africa and the UK. From all slimming medications available on the market on the whole, these two drugs are the most similar in the mechanism of action and effect produced. Stating this we do not compare within-the-class drugs like e.g. Duromine and Ionamin, but match the drugs that, though belong to different classes, but act similarly. So, let’s proceed in the task undertaken.

Duromine and Thinz Geographically

First and foremost, the market areas both drugs are available on are sharply defined. Duromine is one of major weight loss medications (or perhaps the major one) recommended and prescribed in Australia and New Zealand primarily. Additionally, it is widely offered in South Africa, where it is pretty popular but not to that considerable extent, of course, as Thinz is.

In South Africa Thinz has become number one slimming medication gaining this position for years unless the restrictions in the form of prescription have been introduced. Such a measure has influenced the established order, but not much. Thinz still remains a popular weight loss medication in South Africa and along with other slimming drugs in the UK.

Duromine and Thinz Pharmacologically

Pharmacologically Duromine and Thinz are slightly different medications. The major ingredient of Duromine is Phentermine, a psychostimulant and anorectic drug belonging to the class of substituted amphetamines, which is why it is often characterized as only similar to Amphetamine chemically and structurally. In more simple words it can be said that in relation to Phentermine, Amphetamine is a parent compound with analogous biochemical and physiological effect exerted on the body.

Unlike Duromine, Thinz belongs to the class of amphetamines. Its major ingredient, d-Norpseudoephedrine (also known as Cathine), is a psychoactive drug that acts as a stimulant. For quite a long time Thinz has been available over the counter. Now it has the same legal status as Duromine – S4. This means that both medications are available through a valid prescription only. However, even being banned from all over-the-counter sales worldwide both drugs still remain the key anorectic drugs.

Owing to similar pharmacodynamics, both drugs act as releasing agents of major chemicals responsible for craving and fat storing. To put it simply, on the one hand, Duromine and Thinz reduce perception of hunger, which is why they are also called appetite suppressants. On the other, they make your fat cells start tapping their reserves, which results in breaking down stored fat. For your part, you have to support these mechanisms of action sticking to a balanced diet and doing regular training.

What Is the Difference?

The major difference that matters is that Thinz is defined as a sympathomimetic agent that has anorexigenic properties, while Duromine is a classic anorectic drug. Furthermore, Thinz has been available as a weight loss medication for years, but it has never been marketed as a standalone weight loss drug but as a recommended weight loss aid you can rely on.

Duromine in its turn, like all Phentermine-based drugs, has always been a major weight loss product prescribed in severe cases of obesity burdened with comorbidities. Basically, it is more an anti-obesity drug rather than just a diet pill that helps with excess weight. And for now, there is no serious alternative to the ingredient monopolizing the market for more than 50 years.